Organic Eye Pillows

Our beautiful organic eye pilows make the perfect gift - to yourself, or someone who needs some love!


Perfect for use at bedtime or when you just need to make a restful moment!

As you place the pillow over your eyes, you'll instantly be aware of the weight settling you and the scent calming you as you breathe and relax.


These gorgeous pillows are made using soft linen and are then hand filled by us here at Leif Tea Co with organic wheat and organic lavender petals. Thats all! Nothing nasty, no perfumes or harmful chemicals just pure goodness to help you rest and relax.


Pillows may be gently warmed in the microwave (in 10 second increments) or placed in the fridge to cool before use.


Approx size 8.5cm x 20cm


Organic Eye Pillows